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The Best Iberico Ham in Spain

The Best Iberico Ham in Spain

Acorn-fed 100% Iberian ham – the 2014 Monte Nevado vintage has been awarded the "Food of Spain Award for the best Acorn-Fed Iberian Ham 2018".

This award, now in its second edition, has recognized the excellence in the making of this delicatessen: a spectacular free range, a long and natural curing and an individualized selection of each piece.

This is a Prize based on the most demanding criteria of Spain: the sensory evaluation was carried out by tasters from IRTA, SIPA and other candidates proposed by the Sector, in two stages: on the one hand, of the form and appearance, and on the other, organoleptic properties of aromas, textures and flavor.

With a cure time of 60 months, this acorn-fed Iberian ham represents the best of the Monte Nevado tradition of 4 generations of ham masters. Based on a free range under excellent conditions (2013-2014), the careful preparation allowed time until each of the acorn-fed Iberian hams reached its perfect moment of curing.

For those who want to buy gourmet Iberian ham, the 2014 Vintage is available in a Special Edition, both in the best establishments and in one of the best online stores for Iberian ham: