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Iberico de Cebo Ham (50% iberico breed) breed hand carved

Natural Product, free additives

Our Iberico de cebo ham comes from pigs of the iberico breed crossed with Duroc.

Hand carved.

Tasting note: Meat is a deep red, marbled. Smooth fat and low melting point. Very aromatic with a long-lasting flavor, and a creamy, melting sensation in your mouth.

Weight: 85 gr.

  • Ingredients: Iberico pork ham, salt
  • Conservation: Keep refrigerated

This ham comes from pigs whose breed and slow growth result in optimal marbling. With 120 years of history, we know where to find the finest livestock and select the best raw material from which we meticulously produce our shoulder hams.

Our master ham artisans review and classify each shoulder ham piece by piece, and are responsible for ensuring that each one receives the appropriate maturation period. Our experts decide when each piece is ready and worthy of carrying the Monte Nevado label. Each ham shoulder at its moment of perfection, no matter how long it takes

Time and air…

Our slow and lengthy natural curing process allows us to get the best aroma and flavor from each piece: each one reaches its point of perfection at a different moment.

All of the cellars and dryers at Monte Nevado are situated in natural environments. Additionally, the windows allow us to take full advantage of the fresh mountain air, just as our forefathers did. This makes our drying process softer and more natural.


 Nutrition facts

 (per 100 g)


1138 kJ/ 272 Kcal

Total fat

16 g

 - Saturated Fat

5,3 g

Total Carbohydrate

0 g


0 g


32 g


5 g