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Tasting Pack

Three varieties: Original Mangalica ham, Iberico de Cebo ham (50% iberico breed) and Serrano ham 24


  • Original Mangalica ham: Mangalica pork ham and salt
  • Iberico de Cebo ham (50% iberico breed): Iberico de Cebo ham and salt
  • Serrano ham 24: pork ham and salt


  • Keep refrigerated

Mangalica, bred in the Hungarian steppe, fed on corn, wheat and grasslands, and naturally cured in Spain.

Tasting note: Meat has intense red hues with spectacular marbling. This lightly fatty and fluid meat immediately settles in your mouth. A delicate and distinctive aroma with hints of nuts lingers in your palate.

Our Iberico de cebo ham. comes from pigs of the iberico breed crossed with Duroc.

Tasting note: Meat is a deep red, marbled. Smooth fat and low melting point. Very aromatic with a long-lasting flavor, and a creamy, melting sensation in your mouth.

Serrano ham "24", is from pigs of Celtic origin, bred in Spain and selected for their size, age and proportion of fatty material.

Tasting note:  Meat has hues ranging from pink to purplish red with a fine grain, and may occasionally show tyrosine crystals as a result of its lengthy curing process. Characteristic fragrance of delicately cured meat.

Weight:  255 gr.

Nutrition facts per 100 grams Serrano Ibérico Mangalica
Energy 1004 kJ/ 240 Kcal 1138 kJ/ 272 Kcal 1138 kJ/ 272 Kcal
Total fat 12 g 16 g 16 g
 - Saturated fat 4,8 g 5,3 g 5,3 g
Total Carbohydrate 0 g 0 g 0 g
Sugars 0 g 0 g 0 g
Proteins 33 g 32 g 32 g
Salt 5 g 5 g 5 g